Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Kitchen Drain Cleaning by All County Plumbing LLC - serving Vancouver WA Facing an unexpected slow draining kitchen sink or complete clog can throw a kink in your entire day. Chemical elixirs sold on the market are totally ineffective in removing most clogs and can actually damage your plumbing. At All County Plumbing LLC, we offer safe and effective clog removal using state-of-the-art kitchen drain cleaning.

Why do I have a slow draining kitchen sink?

A slow draining kitchen sink is normally the direct result of what is poured down the drain. Improper use of the garbage disposal can also account for a slow draining kitchen sink. Grease, eggs shells, vegetable and fruit peels, coffee grinds, and other debris can build up in the pipes and cause a developing clog. You can also experience a growing clog in the garbage disposal itself.

Signs of a Clogged Kitchen Drain

Kitchen drain clogs are most frequently noticed when water sits in the sink and does not drain at all. However, homeowners should also note unwelcome odors coming from the drain and slow-draining water as being common symptoms of clogs.

How to Avoid Future Kitchen Drain Clogs

Certain foods and non-food substances can quickly clog a kitchen drains or cause them to clog over time. Therefore, homeowners should avoid rinsing the following items down the drain.

-Coffee grounds
-Grease and oil

In addition, homeowners should realize that putting the following items through their garbage disposals can also eventually clog kitchen drains.

-Corn cobs
-Watermelon rinds and other thick peels
-Onion skins
-Potato Peels
-Pasta and rice

Even if it appears that the food has initially gone down the drain, it may be starting to clog up the area, and individuals may notice that drains begin working more slowly than usual. Therefore, it is important to treat this problem as soon as one notices it.

Professional Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Knowing how to unclog a kitchen drain is an important skill that can save homeowners from needless stress, flooded kitchens, and unusable sinks. Getting drains professionally cared for at the first sign of slow drainage ensures that a clog will not occur at the worst possible time. With professional kitchen drain cleaning, individuals can rest easy, knowing that their drains are free from food buildup, mineral buildup and other items that can collect on the inner surface of the pipes.

Contact All County Plumbing LLC right away to take care of clogs with our reliable kitchen drain cleaning service that is fast and affordable. We clean kitchen drains throughout the Vancouver, WA, and surrounding areas.

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