Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning

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Facing an unexpected slow draining kitchen sink or complete clog can throw a kink in your entire day. Chemical elixirs sold on the market are totally ineffective in removing most clogs and can actually damage your plumbing. At All County Plumbing LLC, we offer safe and effective clog removal using state-of-the-art kitchen drain cleaning

Causes to a Slow Draining Kitchen Sink

A slow draining kitchen sink is normally the direct result of what is poured down the drain. Improper use of the garbage disposal can also account for a slow draining kitchen sink. Grease, eggs shells, vegetable and fruit peels, coffee grinds, and other debris can build up in the pipes and cause a developing clog. You can also experience a growing clog in the garbage disposal itself.

Signs Your Kitchen Sink Drain is Clogged

If you are unable to get water to drain out of the sink for extended periods of time, or it has stopped draining altogether, chances are the kitchen sink is clogged. The best thing to do is to make the sink off limits for use until a solution is found. If the kitchen sink is clogged at the trap area under the sink, the problem is not too difficult. If the clog is deeper in the drain line, you will need the help of a professional plumber.

How to Unclog Kitchen Sink Drains

First, remove as much water as possible manually before you try and unclog a kitchen sink. Second, use a sturdy plunger to try and force the clog free. You can also try running extremely hot water down the drain and see if it loosens a possible grease clog. The last thing to try is to go under the sink and remove the trap. It is simply a matter of unscrewing the end rings of the curved pipe and cleaning this section out thoroughly with hot, soapy water. Do NOT attempt to do this if it is a metal pipe. It requires a pipe wrench and a plumbing experience. It’s highly recommended to call a professional to unclog the kitchen sink. Never place harsh chemical solutions in the sink to attempt to remove clogs. It can damage the pipes.

Professional Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning

You can clear sinks of clogs and potential clogs by using our safe and trusted kitchen sink drain cleaning services. We can power away even the toughest kitchen sink clogs with a powerful stream of water that does no harm to your plumbing system. It is safe for your pipes and safe for the environment. It is a service that proves helpful in an emergency, but we also offer routine kitchen sink drain cleaning to avoid the hassles of serious clogs.

Contact All County Plumbing LLC right away to take care of clogs with our reliable kitchen sink drain cleaning service that is fast and affordable. We clean kitchen drains throughout the Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas.

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