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Toilet Drain Cleaning

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Toilet Drain Cleaning by All County Plumbing LLC serving Vancouver WA and Portland ORA fully functional bathroom needs to include a good working toilet. Drain clogs with this bathroom fixture can leave you and your family scrambling for a quick solution. Here at All County Plumbing LLC, we understand the necessity of a working toilet in the home and will get to your destination to offer fast and effective relief.

The Hazards of a Clogged Toilet

It can feel as if life has sped back to the dark ages when you have one bathroom and a clogged toilet. Unfortunately, it leaves you little option but to seek professional plumbing fixture services help if you cannot remedy what is wrong quickly. The urge to continue trying to use this fixture in a clogged state will lead to overflows and have germ-laden water all over your floor. A clogged toilet is a potential health hazard you do not want to deal with.

How to Tell If My Toilet Is Clogged

You can generally tell the toilet is clogged or becoming clogged long before water spills over the side. A few signs the toilet is clogged are:

  • Water rushes to the top of the bowl and drains slowly
  • It takes numerous flushes to get results
  • You hear odd gurgling noises and see bubbles
  • Water overflows the rim after flushing

Should I have a plumber unclog the toilet?

A strenuous process of plunging, resting, and plunging more can sometimes send a clog scurrying on through the pipes. It can lead to sheer exhaustion and frustration if you do not see any results and it does not unclog the toilet. It is fine to try this method but try not to allow the toilet to overflow. If the clog seems serious you may have a bigger obstruction. Call us to unclog the toilet right away.

Professional Toilet Drain Cleaning

It is a great idea to have a professional toilet drain cleaning periodically to avoid having an emergency clog situation. We carry all of the equipment necessary to get and keep your toilet drains running free and clear.

Contact All County Plumbing LLC if you suspect you have a toilet clog that requires professional removal. We will arrive quickly at any home in the Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR area.

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Toilet Drain Cleaning in Vancouver WA and Portland OR

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