Sewer Line Video Inspection

Sewer Line Video Inspection by All County Plumbing LLC serving Vancouver WA It might seem impossible to locate a sewer line obstruction or clog with the pipes being completely underground, but there is a technological tool available that helps bring the problem into direct focus. At All County Plumbing LLC, we offer sewer line video inspection that helps us track down clogs and obstructions in a hurry.

What is a sewer line video inspection?

A camera line inspection of your sewer system is a method of taking a visual look at what the drain system looks like that runs under your home. The better our plumbing experts know of the condition of your existing pipes, the better we can assess the problem and suggest a cure.

What does a video pipe inspection find?

A video pipe inspection is used to look at the overall condition of the drain system as well as any observable obstructions causing drainage backup. We will look for:

  • Tree roots sticking through the pipe walls
  • Cracked and broken pipes
  • Misaligned pipes
  • Objects stuck in the pipes
  • Material clogs
  • Corroded pipes

How do you know where the obstruction is located?

Locating a possible problem in the drain system is good, but how do we know exactly where it is in real-time? We use a tracking device on the camera that tells our plumber right where it is located once a problem comes into view. It is some of the most advanced technology you can use in the file of plumbing and clog removal.

Can I watch the camera line inspection?

You are always welcome to watch the camera line inspection as it takes place. We’re happy to answer any questions and show you the condition of the drain system through our clear video gathering equipment. You can feel confident that any problems we find are there and we will even send the camera back in after the fix to show you it is completely fixed.

Contact All County Plumbing LLC to find out more about our video pipe inspection service today. We offer this service throughout the Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas.

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