The lifetime for most home water heaters is 15 to 20 years. A commercial unit can last a few years longer with proper care, but there comes a day when repairs or replacement are needed. Being without hot water can make it impossible to take showers, operate dishwashers, and strips a needed feature to some commercial services. A leaking water heater can cause unexpected water damage to personal items, business equipment, or property. We understand the importance of coming up with a quick solution. At All County Plumbing LLC, our plumbing experts are ready to come to your location when needed and perform quality water heater services. It is our goal to either get your appliance working again or affordably install a new appliance.


Choosing the right water heater is important, but with a number of choices available, how do you determine the one that’s most suitable for your needs? Contact All County Plumbing! We provide expert advice to help you determine which type of water heater is best for your home or business. Contact us today, and schedule a water heater consultation!


The best solution for your commercial or residential water heater troubles might involve the purchase and installation of a new unit. Our plumbing specialists are available to listen to what your hot water demands are and recommend the better options for your home or business. You will have to choose from a variety of sizes, energy sources, and brands.

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Although a water heater might seem like a simple and straightforward appliance, if it quits working or needs a reset, it is better to leave it to the professionals. One wrong adjustment can prove dangerous, depending on the appliance, venting, and energy source used. We can perform the tests needed to find out exactly what’s wrong and resolve it quickly.


Even with regular usage, almost all water heaters are prone to corrosion and component failure. A bad water heater is a bigger issue than most homeowners and residents realize, and a tank rupture or discharge is even worse! You don’t have to live without hot water. Instead of taking a cold shower, contact All County Plumbing LLC for help with a water heater replacement!


Access to hot water is an essential part of running a home or business effectively. Without it, the normal day-to-day tasks can get thrown off and leave you frustrated. We will do everything to help you find an affordable solution whether it is through a quality repair or a recommended new unit. We stand behind our water heater services and guarantee a safe installation or repair that lasts. We are happy to suggest a more energy-efficient water heater if you are experiencing excessive bills due to an old, worn appliance. You can enjoy as much as 30 percent savings in water heating costs with many current water heater designs.
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Call All County Plumbing LLC if you are currently experiencing water heater problems, or if it is approaching time to replace your older appliance. We suggest that you begin planning for a replacement after your water heater reaches 15 years. We handle all water heater repairs, replacements, and emergency calls for the entire Vancouver, WA area.

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