PEX Repiping

PEX Repiping by All County Plumbing LLC serving Vancouver WA Having to add new plumbing pipes to your home or business can seem expensive, but there are a few affordable options to get the new pipes you need and stay within a reasonable budget. PEX piping offers durability, flexibility, and a more affordable price tag than almost any other product. At All County Plumbing LLC, we offer expert installation of PEX and stand behind the quality of our work.

What is PEX pipe?

PEX pipe is a tube-shaped product made of plastic that is used for transferring liquids, such as water, over a specified distance. It is renowned for the ability to withstand extreme temperature changes and being one of the more flexible plastic materials available. PEX pipe quickly caught on as a desired product in the plumbing industry.

PEX Plumbing Pipes

We offer the option of installing PEX plumbing pipes if this the desired choice of materials. Our skilled plumbers and plumbing contractors can extend the brand-new length of PEX plumbing throughout your home for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, utility rooms, water heaters, and any other area you need to have fresh water access.

PEX Pipe vs Copper

The debate of quality when it comes down to PEX pipe vs copper will reveal that copper is a more valuable product in the length of time it lasts and the ability to repair. You must replace all the PEX if a break happens, but it is much cheaper. If it is installed properly, it should last a long time. PEX does win when it comes to affordability in small spaces in the battle of PEX pipe vs copper.

Should I repipe with PEX?

A repipe with PEX is not the perfect plumbing solution for everyone, but there are times it is a more than acceptable option. If your plumbing system is small, it ends up being an incredibly affordable choice. A repipe with PEX is also a great option if you are worried about pipes that are somewhat exposed to extreme temperature changes.

Contact All County Plumbing LLC and find out more about the available PEX piping options for your plumbing system. We can install PEX in the Vancouver, WA areas.

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